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Ross Island :

Ross Island sharing  land with its twin Smith Island and both are joined by a bewitching Sand Bar. One who prefers to be away from the hustle of urban life must come Ross Island to enjoy the serenity and unhurried holidays. During the British rulers Ross Island became a perfect township having  a Commercial Market place and Administrative Head Quarters for British Colonial rulers. This stunningly beautiful  island still bears the ruins of old buildings, ie. Church, Hospitals, Bakery etc .

 There is a Church on the Hill top is worth seeing. Swimming is not allowed around the Ross Island. British rulers built some huts for the Andamanese and later established an Andaman House in 1863. There is a small museum established by the Indian Navy and is named 'Smritika' that holds photographs and other antiques of the British relevant to these islands.

 Ross Island located at the entry region of Port Blair Harbour and can be accessed from Phoenix Bay Jetty by boat ride.


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