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Baratang Island:


Baratang Island is the land of Natural Wonders, located at about 100 km off the capital city Port Blair. It has dense Tropical forests of all types, i.e. Tidal Swamp Forest, Evergreen Forest, Littoral  Forest etc. This island also  enriched by Golden Beaches, Mud Volcano and Lime-sotne Caves.


 Lime Stone Caves are the truly wonders of the nature  as it is located in a very few places in the world. These caves are located in Nayadara. A few kilometer away from Baratang Island and boat services are available for visiting these ancient caves. These natural grown up caves are surrounded by lush green forests and the journey towards the caves through mangrove covered creeks are really memorable. This mangrove eco-system is an attraction for the bird watchers and natural lovers as it is the bi-diversity area which nourishes diversity of Flora & Fauna.


Another must see sight is the Mud Volcano. It is located near the Jarawa Creek, a 04 km from Baratang Island. This Mud Volcano is also another nature’s unique creation.


Parrot Island is also a real attraction of Baratang and it must be seen by every visitor who visits the island. It is a natural habitat for  Parrots in this region. Watching thousand of Parrots are returning during the sunset is really mesmerizing.

The road journey to Baratang Island from Port Blair through dense forest is also an unique experience.

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