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Corporate Tourism

Bonvoyage Leisure is having hardcore professionals who can make policy which is the most cost effective and distinct travel solution for its esteemed Corporate Clients. Our professionals dedicate themselves to design a Corporate Programme and make into a Leisure Tour and entertainment event in the given budget of the company. Corporate Professionals are extremely busy with their packed working schedule and don’t have enough time to seizure. Innovation for reducing travel cost and keep the tour up to the mark is our mission for the Corporate Professionals. So that they can relax and feel tension free during their business tour.

Today’s Corporate Houses are in a cost cutting spree and under budget scrutiny than ever. They want the best service with their limit and plan the trip when there is absolute necessary.

We never force our esteemed clients to take our own decision. Rather we discuss the whole plan with our clients, explore the entire travel option and find out a solution which is the most cost effective and convenient.

Leisure Tourism

Leisure means, “Freedom from Occupation” – is everyone’s desire. From CEO of a Multinational Company to a Housewife, everyone wants some days off for refreshment of body and mind from their everyday schedule.

The word “Leisure”, originates from the Latin word Licere – meaning “to be permitted” or “to be free”. In today’s fast moving world, where people have to work and burn midnight oil to fulfill their dream, the need for the recreation or entertainment has increased.

Travelling is one of the best ways for leisure. Away from the cities’ bustling lifestyle, tension from the day to days work, nail biting tension from beating deadlines in office projects – everything could be vanished if anyone spend some time in the chosen place – It could be hill stations where you can enjoy the serenity of beautiful hills or on the Sun soaking  sandy beaches to immerse into the vastness of deep blue seas or deep in the green forests to feel the awesome attraction of nature and wildlife or in the dunes of deserts to experience the charm of deserts and to have a life-long memory of riding the desert sheep – The Camel.

We the team of Bonvoyage Leisure are happy to provide you the best possible leisure tour plan with very personal touches. Our research team are very much experienced and chalk out the plan of your tour which could be memorable for the long time. We anticipate your requirement, your budget, your taste and suggest you the best possible option with very competitive rate. Because,  we never select an option which we don’t feel from our heart.

So, enjoy your most precious holidays with us and we promise you make your journey one of the most exiting and unforgettable memories in your life. Bon Voyage.

Adventure Tourism

Adventure Tourism is an uncommon tourism which is different from conventional Leisure Tourism. Adventure Tourism is for those people who dares to sustain the seen or unseen challenges or expect the unexpected. Now-a-days Adventure Tourism is becoming popular as more and more people are opting for unusual holidays.

Adventure Tourism is typically involves traveling into remote, inaccessible and possibly hostile areas either in Hiking or riding By-Cycle or Motor Bike or it can be rafting who dares to rule the challenges thrown by swift flowing rivers or someone has the grit to climb stiff rocks. All the above activities require degree of significant efforts and guts to overcome challenges and possible hazards.

Backpacking – combines hiking and camping in a single trip. This kind of trip usually takes more than one night where travelers carry their required ration with their sleeping needs.

Tea Tourism

Tea Gardens are abundant in Darjeeling & Dooars regions. Millions of people from all over the world come to Darjeeling to enjoy the beauty of the “QUEEN OF THE HIMALAYS”,and the  breathtaking view  of mighty  Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world. Visiting and staying a night in a Tea Garden is really an unique experience for the whole life. Staying in a bungalow which is surrounded by miles long  green tea plants with hills are in the backdrop look like green carpets, walk through the sections of gardens, watching local people are collecting buds for making tea or visit Tea factory to watch the process of making tea from leaves are memorable for the whole  life time. Your tour will be incomplete  without  tasting a  cup of tea which prepare in the local garden.

Car Rentals

We have a fleet of all kinds of vehicles with decent condition and trained drivers. Depending on the clients’ budget and taste we provide the vehicles for the entire tour or part of the tour (As per the clients’ demand) so that clients’ never feel any hassles during the tour.

Meetings / Events

Meeting requires two or more people to come together to discuss a pre determined topic in a  place which is fixed earlier. In an organization events like Conference, Product Launching, Press Conference, Dealers’ or Distributors’ meet play an important role to develop the growth and build an image. But unless a proper plan and execution, these events can be a terrible waste of precious resources of the organization. We at Bonvoyage Leisure can handle your organization’s events meticulously with a professional touch by devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually executing the modalities of the proposed event.

We start providing our services to our clients from the very beginning and work together on creative, technical and logistical elements of the event. We give you the assistance in Budgeting, Programming, Selecting Venue, Transportation, Hotel, Air and Train Tickets, Live Music, Sporting Events and other requirements for the programme and make it smooth, and tension free celebration. We assure you to provide the best services to all our esteemed Corporate Clients to meet organizations’ need.

Air & Train Tickets

We assist our customer to get Air & Train Tickets if requires, so that clients never face any problem during the tour.

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