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Alipore Zoological Park

  Alipore Zoological Park   Established as a Zoo in 1876 and spread over 45 acres of land, Alipore Zoological Garden ( formerly known as Alipore Zoo or Calcutta Zoo) is the oldest & largest Zoological Park in India and a major tourist attractions of Kolkata. Alipore Zoological Garden was pioneered by Mr. Schwendier, a member of the Council of the Asiatic society of Bengal. Alipore Zoological Park was initially run by an ... [+] Read More

Belur Moth

Belur Moth     Located on the West Bank of river Ganges & a half an hour drive from Kolkata, Belur Math is one of the finest specimens of temple architecture of India and exhibits a magnificent style that combines the elements from a church a temple and a mosque. Belur Math was set up by Swami Vivekananda, one of the first disciples of famous religious former and the 19th century spiritual seer Ramakrishna Paramahansa as ... [+] Read More

Dakshineswar Temple

  Dakshineswar Temple     If someone is looking for an opportunity to immerse his soul into the never depleting ocean of devotion, the Dakshineswar Kali Temple is an ideal place to do so.  This Kali Temple is one of the largest temple structures in and around Kolkata. The majestic The majestic Dakshineswar temple is dedicated to mother Goddess Kali and this temple is a pilgrimage mecca for not only Hindus but of other ... [+] Read More

Fort William

Fort William     Fort William located on the eastern bank of river Hooghly and near to second Hooghly Bridge or Vivekanda Setu. Fort William is one of Kolkata’s most enduring Raj Era edifice. The Fort was built under the supervision of Robert Clive. It took almost 23 yrs and 2 million Pounds to build the Fort William. Building was completed in 1781. Much of Fort William is unchanged except for the fact that the St.Peter's ... [+] Read More

Indian Museum

Indian Museum     Indian Museum of Kolkata is the ninth oldest Museum in the world and the oldest one of its kind in the Asia Pacific region. Indian Museum established in 1814 in the Asiatic society Building and was founded by Dr. Nathaniel Wallich, a botanist from Denmark. Indian Museum of Kolkata is the largest and the best Museum in India. In 1875 it was shifted to the new building in Italian Architectural style, designed ... [+] Read More

Kalighat Temple

  Kalighat Temple     The temple of Kalighat is a place of worship for the Shakti cultists from Hindu religion. This is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. The right toe of Dakshayani is said to have fallen here. The Shakti here is known as Kalika, while the Bhairava is Nakulesh. The speciality of Kali of this temple is the long protruded tongue made of gold. The idol of Goddess Kali in the temple is quite different from the ... [+] Read More

Marble Palace

Marble Palace     Built in the year 1835, by one of the richest landlord of Bengal during that period, Raja Rajendra Mullick Bahadur, with a passion for collecting works of Art – Marble Palace in Kolkata is an exquisitely engineered palatial mansion. It’s sheer magnificence and scintillating artistry captivate visitor in a state of trance. The Birtish period, in which the building was constructed, is reminiscent ... [+] Read More

Nicco Park

Nicco Park   Nicco Park is the Disneyland for Kolkattans with its various adventure rides. Popularly known as Jheel Meel. Opened in 1991, Nicco park is one of the biggest amusement parks in India and has innovative entertainment for all age group. This amusement park offers wholesome fun for children as well as adults and draws crowds from suburban Kolkata especially on the weekends. Set up in an area about 40 acres, Nicco Park ... [+] Read More

Howrah Bridge

  Howrah Bridge ( Rabindra Setu)     Rabindra Setu – popularly known as Howrah Bridge is an engineering marvel and is counted amongst the busiest cantilever bridge in the world. Howrah Bridge spans over river Hoogly and still remains the gateway to Kolkata city. Howrah Bridge got its name owing to the fact that it connects the city of Howrah to Kolkata. On June14, 1965 Howrah Bridge renamed Rabindra Setu , after ... [+] Read More

Science City

  Science City   Science City is a full of knowledge and adventure and an unique centre of Science, Communication and Entertainment. This amazing engineering marvel is situated on the confluence point of Eastern Metropolitan Bypass and the Park Circus Connector. Science City, the Largent Science Centre in the Sub-Continent, was established in 1997, under the National Council of Science Museums, the apex body of  Science ... [+] Read More

Shahid Minar

Shahid Minar City Kolkata is full of impressive monuments and architectural beauties. Shahid Minar is one among them. Shahid Minar, the magnificent monument formerly known as the Ochterlony Monument, which was erected in the year 1848.  It was named after its founder, Sir David Ochterlony, to commemorate the founder’s victory in the Nepal War ( 1814-1816) by British East India Company. Ochterlony Monument was named Shahid ... [+] Read More

The National Library

The National Library     The National Library, which was patronized by the British East India Company, happens to be the first Public Library in Eastern India and the largest Library in the whole Indian Sub-Continent. Located at the picturesque Belvedere Estate in Kolkata, National Library with a collection of around 22,71,000 Books and huge collection of  Manuscripts, Periodicals and News Papers, that caters to the knowledge ... [+] Read More

Victoria Memorial

  Victoria Memorial     Victoria Memorial, a splendid architectural structure in white marble is one of the most fascinating landmarks in Kolkata. This Memorial was built in the year 1921, in the memory of Queen Victoria and was formerly inaugurated by the Prince of Wales, who later became King Edward VIII.   The idea behind this beautiful piece of architecture was by by Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India, who ... [+] Read More

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