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Nameri National Park

Nestled at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas and located in the Sontipur District, Nameri National Park covering an area of 200 sq.km is the most scenic among all National Parks in Assam. Nameri shares its northern boundary with the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary of Arunachal Pradesh and together they cover an area of over 1000 sq. km of Semi Evergreen, Moist Deciduous Forest with Cane and Bamboo Brakes and narrow strips of open Grassland along rivers Jia Bhoroli and its tributaries Diji, Dinai, Doigurung, Nameri, Dikori, Khari etc. After passing through the rugged topography in Arunachal Pradesh, the perennial river Jia Bhoroli enters the plains of Assam and passes through the Nameri National Park dividing into two. Jia Bhoroli river has been famous for the Masheer angling since the time of British.
The Eco-region is the part of the North Bank Landscape and is an Eastern Himalayan Mega Bio-diversity hotspot. It is one of the richest areas in the world in terms of Plant Functional Type and Plant Functional complexity. The area is influenced by the tropical monsoons.
 Nameri is home to some of of the endangered species like white winged wood duck, Sloth Bear, Tiger Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Sambar, Gaur, Indian Wild Dog, four varieties of Hornbill and many other winged species. The other reason Nameri is famous for, is the herds of elephants. The park has a high density of elephant population.
The floral wealth of the park is extremely diverse and a significant part of its ecosystem. Some of the commonly found tree species include Bombax ceiba, Dalbergia sisoo, Sterculia villosa, Trewia nudiflora, Zizypphus jujuba, Litsaea polyantha, etc. Among the non aquatic grassland species the prominent are Phragmites karka, Arundo donax, Imperata cylindrical and Saccarum.
Home to the White bellied Beron and White Winged Duck the Nameri Tiger Reserve is also a fabulous bird watching destination. Lesser racket tailed Drongos, Beautiful Nuthatch, Grey headed Fishing Eagle, Jerdon's Baza and many more extremely difficult species are to be expected.
Nameri National Park is the second Tiger Reserve in Assam. The Park was established as a Sanctuary in September 1985 with an area of 137 sq. km. On 15th November 1998, it was officially established as a National Park.

It is located to a distance of 181 km from Guwahati and to a distance of 35 km from Tezpur town. In fact, Tezpur is the nearest town as well as nearest Airport to the Nameri National Park.

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