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Hajo, a centre for three religions Hindu, Buddhist & Muslim is a sacred place with a secular outlook. Hajo village is located around 28 km away on the north bank of river Brahmaputra.
There are number of Hindu shrines in Hajo. Among them Hayagriva Madhava temple is famous for its prominent depict of the religious history of Assam. Lord Vishnu is worshipped here resembling the image of Lord Jagannath at Puri in Orissa. The temple was patronized by the Koch and Ahom Kings with generosity. The original temple was built probably in 6th – 7th Century AD. It is said to have destroyed by Kalapahar ( Who is said to have destroyed hundreds of temples in India) and later rebuild by the Koch King Raghudeva in 1543 AD.
Around the temple compound, there are number of stone artwork which signifies the presence in Buddhism in Hajo, like Lion emblem and Ashoka Pillar. It is believed that Lord Buddha attained his Mahaparinirvana here. Every year Buddhist pilgrims from different parts of the world come to Hajo to offer their prayers.
Next to Hayagriva Madhava Temple is Kedareswara or Kedara Shiva. Lord shiva is worshipped here in the form of Linga, which is called Sayambhu Linga.
The Kamaleswara Temple or Deva Bhavana is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It was built by the King Pramatta Singh in 1744 AD. The idol Lord Ganesha constructed on a colossal elephant shaped natural rock.
The Guruchandal Hill in Hajo witnessed the holy shrines of Muslims – Pao Mecca, considered equal sanctity to one-fourth of the piety that one acquires by Haj at Mecca. According to the inscription on the wall of the mosque, it was built by Mir Lutufullah – I – Shiraji in 1657 AD. The tomb of Muslim preacher Gayasuddin Aulia , who made the first endeavor to impregnate Islam in this part of the world, can be seen in front of the shrines. It is believed that, the foundation of the mosque partly comprises of some earth brought from Mecca.

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