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Chungthang lies at the confluence of two rivers, Lachen Chu and Lachung Chu ( in Lepcha language “Chu” means river) and the origination of mighty river Teesta, the life line of Sikkim and North Bengal. Now-a-days Chungthang has emerged as a major Sub-Division town of North Sikkim and is located around 100 kms from Gangtok – the capital of Sikkim. 

 Chungthang is believed to have been blessed by Guru Rimpoche, who is  also known by Guru Padma Sambhaba, the patron saint of Sikkim rested on a rock while flying across to Tibet. Holy Guru Lhedo holds his foot prints on the rock and an interesting fact is that close to that rock there is a small field where paddy grows, which is very uncommon in such a stony terrain.

Lepchas are mostly inhabited in this area and Chungthang is rich in bio-diversity with a rare variety of orchids, Flora and wildlife. From 15 kms from Chungthang and on the way to Lachung magnificent Beema Waterfalls is a prime attraction.

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