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Rock Garden & Gangamaiya Park

Rock Garden and Gangmaiya Park are the newly built tourist spots with the blend of human creation and nature’s beauty. Stiff narrow road zig – zags down from Hill Cart Road and passes through lush green tea gardens and hilly terrain with the grand view of Darjeeling City covering exiting 12 kms to reach Rock Garden. This beautiful garden is a men made garden by cutting the hill with a natural stream cuts through it. Visitors can venture the park to go up to the top with the stairs and enjoy the beauty and serenity of Rock Garden.

Gangamaiya Park is around 2 kms away from Rock Garden with a boating facility in it. This park spreads over in a vast area with a small stream flows in and cut through the park. Walk inside of the park with cool breeze flowing, peaceful atmosphere, boating in a lake make this place for an ideal location for a small picnic spot.
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