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Neora Valley National Park -  The Virgin Forest

Neora Valley National  Park which is situated at Kalimpong Sub-division in Darjeeling District, spreads in the height of 1600 mts to around 2700 mts  declared as National Park in 1996 is the most enriched biological forest in entire North Eastern part of India. It covers 88 sq. kms of area is bordered by Bhutan in the east & forest of Sikkim in the north & being enriched by lots of natural habitat, wide variety of wild orchids, wild animals  & rich diverse of flora & fauna. It is the home of Red Panda, one of the most endangered animals in the world & India' most sought after birds.

Much of this forest is inaccessible to everyone as adventure lovers who dare to take the challenge to penetrate and explore the density of the forest  with rugged unknown terrain where sunlight find it difficult to touch the ground.

Neora Valley National Park can be accessed by a 10 km Jeep ride from Lava. Leisure tourists can walk a little inside of the forest to enjoy the beauty of Akar Tsange Water Falls.The highest point of this Park stretched up to Rachela Danda, which is popularly called Rachela Pass is a tri junction of Bengal, Sikkim & Bhutan at an elevation of 10,600 ft.

Neora river, which is a major source of water in Kalimpong flows through the park. The pristine beauty, virgin  forest, lush green valley, colourful Rhododendron trees, numerous flowing streams, the panoramic view of snow capped mountain peaks in the backdrop simply make this National Park  a heaven.

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