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Dhirdam Temple

The architectural splender of Dhirdam Temple is near resembles to the famous temple of Lord Shiva, “ Pashupatinath Temple”, in Kathmandu, Nepal. This Pagoda style temple is built with gold and silver and exhibit the height of architectural and artistic excellence by the artists.

Dhirdam Temple was built in 1939 with the superb architectural manifestation by Beg Raj Sakya and constructed by Raj Saheb Purna Bahadur Pradhan. Tibetan influence is seen in the Lord Shiva’s statue which is established just outside the main temple depicts "Panch Bakram Tri Netram", meaning five different facial expression of Lord Shiva in different mood and the third eye.

The temple is located near the Darjeeling Railway Station. The divine feeling and spiritual atmosphere of the temple makes the visitor to feel deep immersion into one self.

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