Darjeeling Tour Information

 What to do in Darjeeling in leisure : 

Darjeeling - situated at an height of 6800 ft. above the sea level offers very soothing temperature throughout the year except December & January, when Darjeeling is really chilled. Darjeeling has number of places to visit under Darjeeling local sightseeing. Apart from local sightseeing  guests can choose a little walking tour which is literally interesting.
Darjeeling Mall or Darjeeling Chowrasta which is the most favourite destination for the tourist. Darjeeling Mall is a wide open space where tourists can spend some time in leisure and enjoy the beauty of surrounding hills , feed hoard of doves who flock there in numbers, sitting idly and enjoy cup of hot tea or coffee, experience thrilling of horse – riding or walk around of Darjeeling Chowrasta. There are number of Coffee shops and restaurants in Darjeeling Mall including the famous Café Coffee Day and Glenary’s. Taste the flavour of famous Darjeeling tea on the open air restaurant of old age Keventers, which locate just below the Darjeeling Chowrasta is simply thrilling. Book lovers can explore a handful of time in Darjeeling Oxford Book Store which is situated on the Darjeeling Mall.  Darjeeling Oxford Book Store offers collection of large number of variety of Books, Maps of Darjeeling, Sikkim, adjoining  Nepal and Bhutan, India and World and number of Periodicals.
Walk to Darjeeling Observatory Hill which is located on the top of  howrasta. Walk through the serpentine road which goes up from Darjeeling Mall doesn’t take much time to reach on the top of  bservatory Hill. Once reached the Hill top offers the magnificent wide open view of the Himalaya along with Mt. Kanchenjunga and its family. The famous Darjeeling Mahakal temple is there. So the Darjeeling Observatory Hill is equally attractive for nature loving people and religious people.
 Darjeeling Shrubbery Park is an interesting visiting place for tourists in Darjeeling – the queen of the Himalaya. Shrubbery Park is located just behind Darjeeling Raj Bhawan. During the tourist season there are number of cultural activities are conducted by local authorities.
Nature lovers can explore long time in Darjeeling Botanical Garden.  Botanical Garden is located just below the Chowk Bazar of Darjeeling.
Shopping is a favourite activity for tourists visiting in Darjeeling. Darjeeling Tibetan Refugee Self  Help Centre is an ideal place for those who love traditional Tibetan Carpets, Wood, Metal and Leather works. The export quality items are found here in very reasonable rate. Curios like Thangas, Wooven Fabricks, Brass Statue, Wood Craving, Jewelleries, Carpets, Woolen Garments are available in large numbers in Darjeeling markets. But shopping will be incomplete if the famous Darjeeling tea are not being bought.

 Darjeeling offers number of sightseeing places or tourst places to visit in and around of the town

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