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Sanga Choeling Monastery

Sanga Choeling literally means “ the island of esoteric teaching”. This monastery situated to a magical position high on a ridge, is just 4 kms West from Pelling. The road leads past the helipad and through the forest to the monastery. It was built in 1697 AD and one of the oldest in Sikkim. Lhatsun Chenpo, highly venerated among Nyingmapa built the monastery.

This small town of west district is famous for its superb scenic beauty and last motorable road from where all the major peaks of Mt. Kanchenjunga range can be seen. The aerial distains of snow caped peaks from Pelling is so closed it seems that any one can touch them. The second oldest and one of the most important monasteries of Sikkim, Pemeyangtse Monastery is the guardian of this place . In the vicinity of this Monastery the ruins of  Rabdentse Palace exists. The second capital of Sikkim was established here . The ruins of  ”Rabdentsey” bearings the memory of old Chogials. Apart from all these the leafless mystery of secret Khecheopalrey Lake and Singshore Bridge, second Highest gorge bridge of Asia will make spellbound the visitors. Two storied formation of Sangay water falls, hidden cascade of  Khanchendzongha Water Falls along with meditation ambiance of Sanghacholing monastery will bound to tourist to come on and on.
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