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Jayanti Tour - Buxa Tiger Reserve Tour Package


Dooars Tour Package

Gorumara National Park - Jaldapara National Park - Buxa Tiger Reserve Tour : 06 Nights / 07 Days


Booking Information for Dooars Tour Covering Gorumara - Jaldapara - Buxa Tiger Reserve


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Places to Visit in Dooars Tour Package Covering Jaldapara National Park, Gorumara National Park - Buxa Tiger Reserve



► Gorumara National Park :

Gorumara National Park is a small forest area of around 80 sq. km located in Dooars region of Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal. Gorumara National Park is bordered by river Neora in the West and river Jaldhaka in the east . River Murti cutting through the jungle in the middle. The forest is famous for one-horned rhinos. In 1994  Gorumara was declared the National Park. Gorumara National Park is a significant watershed area between the Ganges and Brahmaputra river system. So the park has vegetation of riverine grasslands interspersed with savannah woodlands.


 • Places to Visit or Sightseeing in Gorumara National Park :


► Watch Towers 


► Jatraprasad Watch Tower :

Jatraprasad Watch Tower in Dooars  was established  in remembrance of the most favourite pet elephant of the forest department after the deat of the elephant called  Jatraprasad sometimes back. The two-tier watch tower offers the excellent view of the forest wilderness, wild lives and rivulets running through the Gorumara National Park.  Jatraprasad Watch Tower is the most popular place among the visiting tourists in the park.


► Chandrachur Watch Tower : 

Chandrachur Watch Tower is also known as Khunia Watch Tower. Chandrachur Watch Tower offers the best view of wild lives and certain part of Gorumara National Park. This watch tower specially built for watching wild elephants and Indian bisons. 


► Chukchuki Watch Tower :

Chukchuki Watch Tower is the best place to see birds and it’s called the birdwatchers’ paradise. Apart from local birds there are number of migratory birds are seen from Chukchuki Watch Tower. This watch tower is located at the extreme end of Gorumara National Park.


► Medhla Watch Tower :

A newly built watchtower offers the glimpses of the inner part of Gorumara National Park. Medhla Watch Tower is built on the vicinity of river Murti. From the watch tower visitors can watch the elephant herd is crossing the river or wondering rhinos or Indian bisons, deer etc. On a clear day Mt. Kanchenjunga clearly visible from Medhla Watch Tower. To make the watch tower more attractive to the visitors forest department have arranged buffalo cart ride to reach the tower.


► Other Places to Visit in Gorumara National Park : 


► Murti :

Murti is just a few kms away from the main gate of Gorumara forest. Styaing in Murti is an unique experience. Crystal clear stream of Murti river allures to take a dip in the water or spend some joys moment with the fishing in the river. As Murti is situated in the heart of Gorumara National Park and stone throwing distance from Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, so it is easy to cover both the forest having based in Murti. Murti is  a popular Camping ground. Wild lives like elephants, Indian bisons, deer and sometimes one-horned rhinos are seen drinking water from the river. Murti is also a popular place to watch variety of birds.


► Chapramari Wild Life Sanctuary :

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary  has only 9.6 sq. km covered area. It is located near the National Highway 31 A connecting North East with the rest of India and on the northern side of Gorurama National Park in the Nagrakata block of Jalpaiguri district and on the eastern block of river Murti. The name Chapramari most probably derives from “ Chapra” – means a variety of small fish and “ Mari” – means abundant. 


► Jhalung & Bindu :

Jhalung is located around 85 kms from Siliguri and on the banks of river Jaldhaka. It’s a small township is famous for its natural beauty &Jaldhaka Hydel Project. On the other side of river is Bhutan. Journey to Jhalung through Chapramari Forest is really mesmerizing & awful.                                                                        

Bindu is 22 kms away from Jhalung, and the last village of West Bengal in India – Bhutan boarder.It is also located on the bank of river Jaldhaka. It has a fantastic view of Bhutan hills. First Phase of Jaldhaka Project is here and a foot bridge connect Bhutan with India.


► Samsing & Suntaleykhola :

Picture perfect beauty of greeneries, numerous tea gardens, distant view of Murti river &Himalays in the north simply make anyone mesmerized. As road approaches towards north through tea gardens beauty of nature will open itself more & more. Road also enters into a part of Neora Valley National Park to provide the taste of deep forest. View from Samsing Forest Bungalow is  superb. Anyone can visit Suntaleykhola fromSmasing or can stay in Suntaleykhola forest bungalow or in Wilderness Camp.


► Jaldapara National Park :

Jaldapara National Park ( formerly  Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary) located in the eastern Dooars of  Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal. River Torsha cutting through the forest on its eastern side.

Situated near India – Bhutan border Jaldapara wild Life Sanctuary was established in 1941 with the area of 141 sq. km for protecting the famous one horned rhinos which was on the verge of extinction and other flora and fauna. The sanctuary was declared as Jaldapara National Park in May 2012 with the area of 261.51 sq. km.

A must visit place for the tourists and nature lovers traveling Dooars, Jaldapara National Park is a home and the largest population for one horned rhinos in the world after Kaziranga National Park in Assam.


► Activities in Jaldapara National Park :


► Jeep Safari & Elephant Safari at Jaldapara National Park :

Elephant safari and Jeep safari are the most demanding and interesting part while visiting  Jaldapara. There are watch towers are in the forest from where tourist can watch the wild life in the forest.  The watch towers are called Jaldapara and Harindanga and can be visited during the Jeep safari. During elephant safari visitors can enter into the deep in the jungle which maximizes the chances to watch different animals, birds from very close.


► Other Places to visit during Jaldapara National Park Tour :


► Chilapata Forest :

Chilapata in Dooars is a dense forest and offers the genuine flavour of wild-life in the  wilderness. Going through the forest is really thrilling to feel like cutting a green wall. Once famous for its terror of  bandits, the forest has become one of the major visiting places for the visitors travelling in Dooars. Chilapata forest features the wonders of wild-life in the real colour of nature.

Chilapata is a hub of wild animals. It used to have large number of one horned rhinos. But the ruthless killing by the King of Coochbehar  during the last leg of the 19th century brought to dwindling of the population of rhinos. Apart  from one horned rhinos, large number of elephants, bison, deer, leopard, lesser cats, cheetal, sambar, barking deer, wild boar etc. are available in the forest.


► Totopara :

Totopara is the home of Toto Tribe which is one of the Tribes in the world which are on the verge of extinct. Maximum People of  Totopara belong to Toto Tribe and this place has got its name from the tribe. Totopara is located at a distance of 22 kms from Madarihut and on the northernmost fringe of Jaldapara national Park. Totopara is bounded by Bhutan Hills on its North and  River Torsha is flowing down through its Eastern Part.


► South Khoerbari or South Khayerbari  :

South Khoerbari or South  Khayerbari is a Tiger & Leopard Rescue Centre located at Jaldapara National Park and just a mere 12 kms away from Madarihut. Khayerbari  Rescue Centre started after banning the Wild Animals in Circuses and Shows  and relocating them. It was initially gave shelter to 11 Nos of Tigers. All the Wild animals are being kept  in a natural environment  covered area. Khayerbari has become a major Toursts’ attraction in Jaldapara National Park .Visitors can watch these wild Animals from very  close distance if they take the Park  Safari by a battery operated bus. River Buri Torsha cutting through the jungle and has made the South Khayerbari  Nature Park more attractive.


Buxa Tiger Reserve :

Buxa Tiger Reserve declared the 15th Tiger Reserve Forest in India in 1983 and became National Park in 1992. Located at the India – Bhutan border, Buxa Tiger Reserve covering 761 sq. km with 331 km core area is the largest forest in North Bengal. Buxa Tiger Reserve lies in the eastern most corner of North Bengal. The northern boundary of Buxa Tiger Reserve goes along with Bhutan and Sinchula hills creates a natural border with Bhutan. Eastern boundary of  Buxa Tiger Reserve touches the Manas National Park in Assam and NH 31C maintains the southern boundary. 

Thus Buxa Tiger Reserve serves an international corridor for the elephant migration between Indian and Bhutan. Buxa Tiger Reserve encompasses as many as eight forest types. Buxa Tiger Reserve is the eastern most extension of extreme bio-diverse region and represents highly endemic Indo - Malayan region.


Places to Visit in Buxa Tiger Reserve Tour :


► Jayanti Village :

Jayanti in Dooars is a picturesque village at Buxa Tiger Reserve. Jayanti village may be the only place in India where visitors can spend overnight and enjoy the jungle in the core area of a Tiger Reserve forest. A beautiful place along with the meandering Jayanti river forming a natural border of Bhutan is one of the last destinations in Dooars which is till untouched by mass tourism.


► Buxa Fort & Lepchakha :

Buxa Fort is a very popular destination among every kind of tourists. Rover’s point is the heaven for bird watchers which is 3km ahead of Buxa fort. Hard trekkers can go ahead another 6 km to reach Roopam valley or Rupang valley bordering Bhutan.

Another small but beautiful valley called Lepchakhawa can be reached from Buxa fort by 5 km trekking.  Adventure loving trekkers can take a route which starts from Buxa fort covers 13 km distance through dense forest and reach Jayanti village. But for enjoying the route a prior written permission is required from forest department and a company of an expert guide.


► Pokhri Hill :

A 4 km short and easy trekking from Jayanti there is a Pokhri or Lake on the low Hill Top and is considered sacred to the local villagers. There are numerous Magur Fish are Turtles and people love to feed them. There is also a Watch Tower. From Pokhri Watch Tower there is a chance to see Wild Animals.


► Mahakal Cave :

A natural stalactite cave which is also very famous for religion people as well as adventurers. Mahakal cave is just 13 km from Jayanti in Buxa Tiger Reserve.


► Bhutia Basti :

Bhutia Basti is just another interesting point to feel the smell of dense forest . Bhutia Basti is 1.5 km away from Jayanti. The thrilling journey starts from Jayanti crossing the Jayanti river and walk through the dense Buxa forest with chirping sound of numerous known and unknown birds, song of wild streams and the fragrance of virgin nature. Bhutia Basti also call the “ Den of Elephants”. 


► Sikiajhora :

Sikiajhora…a  stream cutting through the southern part of the Buxa Tiger Reserve is a real place for jungle adventure. An enthralling Boat ride on the Sikiajhora, which enters deep into the forest, generates a chance to watch numerous Birds as well as Wild Animals. There is an Eco-Park and a Watch Tower. Form Watch Tower one can see the vast area of Jungles with a backdrop of mighty Himalaya.


► Rajabhatkhawa :

Rajabhatkhawa in Dooars is the gateway to Buxa Tiger Reserve Forest.  Rajabhatkhawa is located just 17 kms away from Alipurduar. Rajabhatkhawa is a small hamlet surrounding by lush green  forest of  Buxa Tiger Reserve with a distant view of the blue hills on it’s northern horizon. Nature’s gifts are abundant and it makes Rajabhatkhawa an ideal place for nature lovers. Rajabhatkhawa provides the much needed peace of mind and makes fresh from the hectic urban life.



Other Information For Dooars Tour Covering Gorumara - Jaldapara - Buxa Forest :


  ► As per the instruction by Forest Department of Government of West Bengal, tickets for Jeep Safari & Elephant Safari in Jaldapara
      National Park & Gorumara National Park can be booked Online well in Advance or  to be collected by guest himself from forest
      office as first come first  serve basis.
  ► Forest recommended Gypsy [maximum 06 passengers] & forest Guide is mandatory to enter inside forest for Watch Tower Visit &
       Jungle Safari.
  ► Camera Charges to be paid directly during collection of entry permit as per category of camera.
  ► Photo copy of Photo ID proof [ Voter Card/Pan Card/ Driving Licence/passport ] of any one of the guest along with original to be
       produce during collection of permit.
  ► All forest activities are closed on thursday


****  Accommodation with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
****  All Transfers and Local Sightseeing as Per Itinerary 


****  Deluxe & Standard Hotels & Resorts , Home Stays  AccommodationCan be chosen as per guests' choice

****  Accommodation Standards are selected on the basis of Rates, Facilities & Other Criteria


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ****  All Transportation Services will be provided as Per Itinerary Only and Not On Disposal
****  Smaller Vehicle Segment i.e Vista / Wagon R / Swift can carry maximum 04 Persons / Sumo - Maxx - Blero Can Carry 07-08  Persons and Luxury Segment i.e Innova / Xylo can carry 06 Persons 
****  All Perking, Toll, Fuel, Driver's Allowance and Night Charge are included


****  Airfare, Train Fare, Bus Fare, Insurance Premium etc
****  Entry Fee to any Monument, Park, Museum, Monastery or any other visiting place
****  Any extra food except the mentioned Meals
**** Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, Jungle Entry Fees
****  Payment for service provided for personal basis
****  Expenses incurred due to mishap, landslide, strikes, political unrest or road diversion due to unavoidable  Circumstances will be
          charged on extra and as per actual
**** Cost for services which is not mentioned in the Service Provided section
****  Personal expenses on items such as Laundry, Soft & Hard Drinks, Bottle Water, Incidentals, Porterage and  Bell-Boy charges,
           Tips etc
****  Room Heatre or Room Heating Charges


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