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Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre
Darjeeling Tibetan Refugee Self  Help Centre was formed in 1959 by a 10 member committee to provide the shelter and Econimic, Social, Psycological, Cultural and Spiritual sovereignty to those Tibetan refugee who fled in to India after dramatic escape of  “ His Holiness the Dalai Lama” ( Tibetan Spiritual Leader). Thousands of refugee who trekked over treacherous Himalayan terrains to come in India brought almost nothing expects cloths they wore. Darjeeling Tibetan Refugee Self  Help Centre started with 4 refugee and in 1961 it was fully registered as a charitable organization under the law and received exemption for Income Tax on all gifts and donates made to it. Darjeeling Tibetan Refugee Self  Help Centre’s main activity remains to produce handicrafts and handsome amount of money earns through national sales and export to various number of countries. Besides traditional items such as Tibetan carpets, wood, metal and leather works, the Centre have also experimented in finding new production lines incorporating traditional Tibetan motifs which would find a ready market both here and abroad. Apart from these the Centre has undertaken the task helping Orphans, the aged and the needy people among the refugee.
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